Your Guide to a GRAND Weekend

Have you ever had a grand weekend? Well, it all starts in the heart of DFW, Grand Prairie, and we’re here to make sure you are equipped with all the right tools, tips and tricks to plan the best weekend.

Tip 1

When planning your trip start with figuring out what weekend to come. Well, we think any and every weekend is a great one, but some have more fun events than others. Check out, and you’ll find a calendar of all the grand events and happenings!

Tip 2

After you have decided on which weekend to come, now it’s time to book a hotel. Instead of going to a booking engine or hotel website you can book from Let us do the work for you! (Make sure to look at our online brochure for a hotel coupon.)

Tip 3

If you haven’t noticed our website ( is your one-stop shop for planning a weekend to Grand Prairie. Check out our attractions and their websites so you can plan what types of grand things you’ll be doing on your weekend!

Tip 4

Once you’re in Grand Prairie, stop by the Tourist Information Center (address can be found on the sidebar) and pick up some brochures. The great thing about our brochure is, it has tons of coupons and info inside of it. We’ve got restaurant, attractions and hotel coupons!

Tip 5

This last tip ties hand in hand with the one above it. Like we said earlier, you are in the heart of DFW meaning you’re only 20 minutes from both, Dallas and Fort Worth. Along with Grand Prairie brochures, we also have brochures for attractions/things to do in the DFW area, and all over Texas!


We hope this short list of tips will help plan your grand weekend to Grand Prairie! Stop in the Tourist Center and say hi! Let us know your feedback in the comments, oh and follow us on social media!!

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