Three New Rides At Traders Village 🎡

Tall rides, upside down rides, swing rides, you name it, Traders Village has it all!

1. Village Vortex

Village Vortex is the first of the three new rides to go in this year. The giant looping coaster races riders 360 degrees around the track and then stops momentarily while they’re stranded upside down seven stories off the ground. This ride is guaranteed to leave you with a screamin’ good time.


Photo: Traders Village Website



Next up on the new rides is the YOYO! The YOYO dangles riders, not upside down, but in swings and drives them around and around. It uses centrifugal force to create a circle 73 feet in diameter, and the ride’s arms tilt 10 degrees creating a high-flying experience.




Photo: Traders Village Website

3. Wipeout 


Wipeout is the last of the three new rides to go in this year. The Wipeout is still in the making and will be coming soon to Traders Village. This ride is for the thrill-seekers, who will be strapped into a two passenger seat to feel as if you are riding the waves with the spinning and tilting of the ride.


Photo: Traders Village Website


Ride each ride for $2.29 or buy a wristband for only $12.99 and have endless amounts of fun!

You can also find food, drinks, and over 3,500 vendors at Traders Village. They are open every Saturday and Sunday with FREE admission and only $4 for parking. Traders Village also has over 50 events planned for the whole year varying from live music, to Dollar Dog Day and Crab Fest. So check our events calendar to see what’s going on!

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