Staying Fit & Healthy In Grand Prairie

It’s the new year and whether or not your new year’s resolution revolves around health and fitness we’re bringing you many ways you can stay active during your stay in Grand Prairie.

Hit the gym!

Action Park GP (our local skate & BMX park) has recently added a Fitness Pavilion open for daily use. This is a great way to spend your time and let the kiddos skate, bike or hang out! Action Park also has rental bikes, so no worries if you didn’t bring one!

Walk, run or bike the trails!

With more than 50 parks and 14 miles of trails, you’ll never run out of opportunities to stay active in GP! Hike or bike the Lone Star Trail that runs along the Trinity River and through the Entertainment District or head over to Fish Creek Linear Park for a 3-mile trail with rest stops. Pack a picnic basket for a nice lunch at the park!

Get your sweat on!

Almost all of our hotels in Grand Prairie have a workout room on-site. This is a quick and easy way to start or end your day! All of our hotels on have their amenities listed.

Lake time!

If you are traveling during the warmer months than you must get out to Joe Pool Lake! One of our lake parks, Lynn Creek, has a marina where you can rent paddle-boards, canoes, kayaks and more! Get out on the water for a good time and an even better workout!

Whatever your workout of choice is, Grand Prairie offers tons of way for you to keep those resolutions up in 2018!

Click for more family fun activities in GP!


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